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Come, Let Us Unite for Peace

God commands believers to make peace with each other and to defend it against those who conspire to make war without justification (i.e., not for self-defense or protecting the innocent), and curses those who create disorder and kill innocent people. Believers who abide by God's prescribed morality have a duty to work for peace and security and to provide a world in which all people can live in peace and tranquility. Wars fought to acquire more land, prove the supremacy of one's nation or race over another, and dominate other nations leave nothing behind but dead innocent people, cripples, orphans, mentally disturbed individuals, destroyed cities, devastated civilizations, destitution, fear, and hunger. These losses, which affect all parties involved in warfare, take many long years - even generations - to replace.

The lack of religious morality is the source of all wars, skirmishes, and bloodshed. Sometimes, people claiming to act in the name of religion can manipulate other people who are not sufficiently well-informed about religion to commit crimes that are completely incompatible with religious morality. Those who believe that disagreements and problems should be resolved through violence tyrannize people with their despotism and oppression. Believers must join forces against them and oppose their efforts to legitimize their tyranny.

Therefore, let us unite; let us eradicate all causes of conflict and fighting by telling people about the true morality of religion. Let us prove to people that there is absolutely no cause for conflict between different religions by our united efforts and actions. Let us tell people about the love of God in order to spread love, acceptance, and compassion.

Adapted from: "A Call for Unity" by: "Harun Yahya"

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