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Come, Let Us Unite against Darwinism

As we stated earlier, atheist, materialist, and other anti-religion power centers are waging an unprecedented war against religious morality. They have been working systematically across the world to divert people from God's path, have them deny God's existence and unity, and annihilate religious morality.

Amazingly, they claim to be following a scientific system that has all the answers: Darwinism. However, this system only leads people into atheism by encouraging them to reject His existence and creation. They portray the world as an arena in which only the fittest survive and seek to distance people from religious morality, and thereby turn them into selfish and merciless animals. The famous atheist evolutionist, Prof. Richard Dawkins, sums up the theory of evolution's mission as follows: "Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." 38

In reality, the theory of evolution does not make this possible for them, because the theory is in clear conflict with recent scientific discoveries. Many sciences (e.g., paleontology, biochemistry, genetics, comparative anatomy, and biophysics) prove that the creation of life cannot be explained through natural processes and natural selection, as evolutionists claim. In short, evolution is defended not by science, but in spite of science.

However, the leading positions of power in the scientific world and in the media are filled by people who continue to assert that the theory of evolution is absolute truth. Seeking to keep this theory alive at all costs, they have no qualms about concealing or twisting those scientific discoveries that refute it, or belittling or disparaging those discoveries that expose its falsity or those scientists who criticize it. This inquisition causes many scientists and researchers to conceal their true views so that they will not be excommunicated by having their funds cut off or their reputations destroyed.

All people who believe in God must join forces to resist and, ultimately, overthrow the Darwinist dictatorship ruling the world of science and thought. Therefore, come let us unite; let us use the scientific and technological means of the twenty-first century to tell the world that Darwinism is nothing but a sham, and that the true source of life is creation.


38. Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker (London: WW Norton, 1986), 6.

Adapted from: "A Call for Unity" by: "Harun Yahya"

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