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But was Fatimah (as) a paranormal woman?

In spite of all the aforementioned proofs of Fatimah''s infallibility, holiness, miraculous favours and virtues, all these do not remove her from the human race. She was a woman who had feelings, emotions and desires, as other women have. Her greatness was that she developed her feelings within the framework of Allah''s satisfaction and did not let her desires go beyond what Allah permitted, and so her heart, mind and body did not deviate from the right path by even the tiniest measure.

It was the same with the Messenger of Allah (sawa): he was a human being with the peculiarities of all men ''And say thou: I am only a man like you, it is revealed unto me...'' (Qur''an 18:110) If he and also the prophets (as), Imams and Fatimah (as) had not been human beings, they would not have had any distinction over the rest of the people, and there would have been no meaning in following them: ''And had We made him an Angel, We would have certainly made him a man, and We would have made confused to them what they (now) make confused.'' (Qur''an 6:9) The greatness and value of these (individuals) is that they are human beings and not angels; but through their will and holiness they are, for Allah, higher than the angels.

Adapted from the book: "Fatimah (as); a role model for men and women" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlullah"

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