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Burial Place of the two Hands of Abbas (a.s.)

In Karbala there are two sacred areas believed to be the burial places of the two hands of al-Abbas. Uninterruptedly, these two sanctuaries have been visited and respected by the generations who believed their being the burial places of the two hands that were cut during the encounter between al-Abbas and his enemies.

The sanctuary of the right hand lies to the north east of Karbala on the borders of district known as 'Bab Baghdad -Gate of Baghdad' and the district known as 'Bab ul-Khan', near the eastern gate of the holy shrine. On the window found on the wall of that sanctuary, two poetic verses in Persian are carved. Nobody, however, knows the poet, date of construction, the designer of the window, or the carver of these two poetic verses.

The sanctuary of the left hand lies in the Minor Market near the small gate of the holy shrine to the south east. This market is called 'Bab al-Abbas as-Sagheer.' On the wall of that sanctuary poetic verses composed by Sheikh Mohammad as-Sarraaj are carved.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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