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Birth of the Houria of Paradise

When I went to the ascension, surprising events happened there. Among them, when I arrived at the 4th sky, I saw there a lot of people who had lined up. Upon my arrival, Gabriel song the call for Salat (adhan), and Michael song Iqamah. Then I was said, “O’ people! They were waiting to pray by your Imamate … continue

I went forward and said prayer and they followed me in their prayer: After the end of the prayer, I ascended to the 5th sky, and then I went to the 6th sky.

In the 6th sky, they called me and gave me good news; “O’ Muhammad! Your father Abraham, is the best father, and your brother Ali, is the best brother.

After passing the 6th sky, I arrived at the curtains of light… Gabriel grasped my hands and we entered the Paradise of that sky.

There I saw a tree whole of light, and near it were two angels who decorated it with the beauties of the Paradise. I asked Gabriel; “My friend! Whose is this tree?”

He answered; “This tree belongs to your brother. And these two angels are appointed to decorate it till last day.

I went nearest, I reached to a date tree, with soft and pure dates, with a nice smell and sweeter than honey. I took a date and ate it.

I had a wonderful felling. My dear wife, your daughter is created from that heaven date. Therefore, this baby is an unusual baby; her essence is from Paradise. She is a “Houria” of Paradise, who will appear in the form of human. I will give you good news.

The great angel of God, gave me good news that she will be a pure and blessing baby.

God will set my progeny from her and her progeny will be leaders of religion.

The Imams after me and after the lime of Prophethood, will be my deputies and successors on the earth.

When I came from ascension, once Gabriel came to me. He brought me a new order from God.

Gabriel said to me; “Your God said hello to you, and ordered you to keep aloof from Khadijeh 40 days.

Keeping a way from you was so difficult for me but the joy of performing order of God, removed all difficulties. During these forty days, I was fasting every day, and I was praying all nights more than before. And I was reading Qur’an.

The promised day was greeting! Gabriel came first, with hello and special mission from God.

He said: “Be ready to give a special Gift?”

Gabriel said, “I don’t know either.” At that time Michael rested the dish forward me. Gabriel came near me and said; “The God has ordered that you should break your fasting with this heavenly food.

And this food was forbidden for anyone except you.”

I have a habit that when I take my food, I invite someone to my napery. This time I asked Ali to stay at the door, and do not let anyone to enter home.

When I took off the covering of the dish, there was a racemose of date and vine and a cup of water. I ate full of them and drank from that refreshing water. After that, Gabriel poured water and Michael washed my hands. And Israfil brought a towel for drying my hands. That night the best and bigger angel of God, serviced to me. The end of food with a dish carried to the sky.

Gabriel said to me: you must go near Khadijeh. God this intellectuality and spirituality that was appearing in you after forty days and God was availing this food and this heavenly servant for creating a pure baby from you this night.

Then I got up and after forty days I was going to my home.

Even if I was becoming familiar with a loneness. Forty day from her was the most difficult days in my life. His word gave me safety. My heart was testified that to night was a last night whom I will be alone.

When the night was coming, I was doing my job and become ready for lie down. I closed the door and I prayed a recommended prayer and red some verses of Qur’an and turned off the light and I went to the bed.

I didn’t despair from his coming but I was trying to asleep. Yet, I wasn’t asleep that the voice of home door causes I got up. Maybe my awaiting wasn’t out of place. Immediately I cam out of my bed and I asked: who was knocked at a door? The one who wasn’t except Muhammad, and it was the same. When I heard his sweet voice, I became so happy and after forty days his light was shining in my house again. Now he was coming in my home.

I opened the door, the surprising light was taking his face, and it was shining like sun, maybe sun was rising in the light. I didn’t know he was, God’s guest after praying forty days and the best angels of God was serviced to him. Your father’s custom was that before he went to bed, he performed his ablution, and he prayed a short prayer, and then he was ready for sleeping, that night I was honored to trust you.

A few months passing from that day. This time was a good day for me. You are so familiar for me. You maybe borne in those days. Your light may clear up my house today or tomorrow.

Each woman needs the help for other woman in her childbed. It is a soul require. Neither I need others help. Last time I send someone near my family and I want them some helpers. They leave me alone, and I think with myself that they will help me in the sensitive time.

May not women borne their children with out any help, surely they won’t leave me alone. But they say to my invitation “No”, and I stay alone with a worry of loneliness.

That day anybody isn’t in the home. Labor pain was taking me. Times passed with hardly.

In the end of pain and loneliness I saw four honorable women that entered to the room. “But where was they coming?” and “who was giving them this news?” the door was closed. They didn’t knock down the door. “O’ God! Who were they?” but I didn’t fear them, because their kindness face of those tall woman that stood near me, gave me safety in my anxious heart.

The heaven smell was coming, the room was full of light. I was never smelling such this smell. “O’ God what I saw, did they from Bani Hashim?”

But “No, I never saw them.”

The women from Bani Hashim was not bright.

I had forgotten the anxious of childbed, but I waited with surprising, “O’ God! What was this moment?” fear and anxious was in this side, and surprising was in the other side, and loneliness added with them.

One of them when saw me in this situation, said with a kind voice: “My lady! Didn’t be sad. Didn’t allow to the fear came in yours. We are your friends, and your sisters, and we were coming to your help. Your God send us. My name is Sara, Abraham’s wife, and she was Asia, Pharaoh's wife, the one who will be your friend in the heaven. This honorable woman was Mary, Imran’s daughter and Jesus’s Mother, and she was Kulsum, Moses’s sister. We coming to help you in the childbed became safety my lady.”

Her kind word gave me a hopeful. I fell, it a glory time. I thought that this baby was a dear borne that the great ones like Mary, Asia, Sara, and Kolsum, was coming for birth of her. And what was this baby that they honored to their work. In the other hand I was ashamed from God that he favored to me, his kindness and he send this dear to keep me safe, that I wasn’t alone. I have not anyone except God and he was my one hop and he send the best women for helping me. They kept me toward themselves, the one is my right, and the other in the left, and the 3rd forward me, and the 4th back of me. This time my daughter was borne.

* Whem my daughter borne, my house was full of her light, maybe she went above all of Makkah homes. I felt her light will be full of in the world in this time, with entering of ten Houria of heaven, added to the glory of them. They said that they came to bath my baby. They came with a heaven’s cup that full of Kusar water. They said: must be wash Kusar with Kusar water. The one of four Lady holds baby in her arms and bath her. And covered her with two covering from heaven that smell better than Musk and more white than milk and she wanted from her that spoke, maybe, she was Mary. My daughter spoke and said: “I was witness that there wasn’t deity except God, I was witness that my father was the Prophet of God, he was the Lord of all Prophet, I was witness that my wife was Lord of all Will, and I was witness that my children was the Lord of all children.”

The women that presented there, all saw to each other, and they were smiling, and maybe they said with themselves: “what face! What glory! What attraction! What smelling!”

Every body knew that she wasn’t from earth. They knew that she was from heaven, interesting that my daughter knew every body. She said hello to the women that came to my help, she said their name, maybe she wanted to thanks them. They saw her with a big and smiling face and said congratulation to the God’s creative.

The heaven’s Hourias told to me that in the sky named this beauty baby “Zahra”.

When the holy Prophet heard the news of birth of her daughter, came to home, holds the baby in his arms, he was kiss her, and he was smell her, “what a knowing smell?” and, “what a scent?” the smell of the date. The smell of that heaven, the memory of ascension and as for the gift of God in the ascension to his friend’s Prophet.

He wanted to give a name to the baby, a baby who was from heaven and a baby from sky. Her midwifes were from heaven. A baby that every thing related to her was surprising, and giving a name to her will be from God and from sky.

When the Prophet wanted to give a name to her, God ordered an angle to take her name to the Prophet’s tongue, and then the Prophet said: “Fatima”

Fatima means far from any dirtiness, Fatima means far from ignorance, Fatima means pure knowledge, Fatima means Prophet’s daughter, Ali’s wife, the Mother of Hassan and Hussain, and the Mother of all the Imams; Since she was from heaven, and she wasn’t from this world, her position was unknown in this world.

Her rank will be recognized in the Last Day. The world was less than that could know Fatima.

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