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Best Ways to Exercise at Home

Exercising at home may seem like a convenient option and it is. You save money, save time and you don't have to worry about matching your clothes or combing your hair before you exercise (although not everyone worries about such things at the gym).

In some respects, however, it's not as easy as you may think, particularly if you're just getting started with exercise. First, there are plenty of distractions (some of us might call them 'reasons') that may tempt us away from exercise - Chores, kids, Facebook, picking lint off your sweaters, etc.

Second, your home gym usually isn't as exciting and energetic as the gym down the street. You don't have all those cardio and weight training machines to choose from and there are no other exercisers around to take your mind off your workout.

All that said, with a little effort, it's possible to create home workouts that help you reach your goals and don't put you into a coma. The main ingredient? Variety.

If you're stuck on how to workout at home, I have some ideas for you in my latest article, Best Ways to Exercise at Home. I've also created a list of my favorite home cardio exercises for your exercise pleasure, and I would love to hear about your favorites as well.

What about you? Do you exercise at home and, if so, what do you struggle with the most? How do you stay motivated and add variety to your workouts? Leave a comment and tell us how you exercise at home.

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