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Bakir Bin A'yun

His name was Bakir b. A'yun al- Shaybany, the brother of Zarara. He reported traditions on the authority of al- Baqir and al- Sadiq, peace be on him. He died during the lifetime of al- Sadiq. When al- Sadiq heard of his death, he said: "Indeed, by Allah, Allah sent him down between the Prophet of Allah and Amirul Mo'minin (i.e. Imam 'Ali), the blessings of Allah be on them and their pure Family " One day, al- Sadiq, peace be on him, mentioned Bakir and said: "May Allah have mercy upon Bakir...." 'Ubaydullah b. Zarara said: "I looked at him (al- Sadiq), while I was young then. He (al- Sadiq), peace be on him said: "I (the author) say In- sha'allah (i.e. Allah willing)."

These words are enough evidence for his high rank and position. He was among the righteous reliable sons of A'yun. Many reliable figures reported traditions on his authority.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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