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Baby Blues

Right after child birth, many women complain of experiencing depression. Often, feelings of unhappiness and guilt may surround the woman who has just delivered a baby. Relax; there is nothing to be scared of. These are symptoms of what is commonly known as Baby Blues. Medically, known as postpartum depression, almost one out of two women will experience this condition after delivery. Though the exact cause is not known, doctors attribute it to the sudden change in the hormone levels in the women. It may begin a few hours after delivery and may last a few days or weeks. The good news is, women get over it and cope up well with treatment and lot of care and support!

Symptoms: What to Watch Out For

Difficulty in sleeping
Losing interest in Life
Restlessness, irritability or anxiety
Experiencing sadness or unhappiness
Feeling of being worthless, hopeless or guilty
Frequently wanting to cry or being teary-eyed
Loss of energy and general motivation
Loss of hunger and appetite
Not being interested in your baby
Weight loss or weight gain without reason

Help is at Hand!

Post partum depression is very normal and almost all mothers experience it, though on varying scales. But the best part is that is very much curable and more often than not, fades away naturally. Even if it doesn’t, don’t worry. Seek professional help; talk about it to your gynecologist or a psychiatrist. You can also vent out your feelings and frustrations to your partner and will be pleasantly surprised by his support.

Different treatments are meted out for different women, depending on the seriousness of the condition. Usually, counseling or talk therapy sessions help, while some may be administered mild anti-depressants. Consult your doctor for the best solution. Remember, this is just a temporary phase and nothing is wrong with you. Congratulations for the new arrival by the way!

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