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Foods That Induce Labor

The nine months of your pregnancy are almost over. Now, you are waiting for the labor pains to start. The problem is that the wait seems to be long and your patience is running out. No problem. Do you know that there are certain natural ways of inducing labor? You can induce labor pains by indulging in sexual intercourse, nipple stimulation, walking, talking to your baby and certain acupuncture techniques. All these help in the onset of pains. Apart from that, there are also certain foods that are believed to help in inducing labor. Want to know what kind of food can you eat to induce labor? Read on.

Foods that Induce Labor

Spicy Food

Foods containing lots of spices have been associated with inducement of labor pains since long. However, the reason for this is that they irritate the bowels and might even cause heartburn. So, be cautious while eating them.


Tropical fruits, like pineapple, mango and kiwi, have been known to contain an enzyme that helps in toning the cervix. It is not sure that they induce labor or not, but they definitely help in making the labor easier.

Herbal Supplements

A number of herbal supplements, primarily black and blue cohosh and nettle tea, are said to help in inducing labor. However, they should be taken only under medical advice.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Though raspberry leaf tea is not exactly known to induce labor, it definitely helps in toning the uterus. Thus, it leads to a less painful delivery.

Cinnamon Stick Tea

For making cinnamon tea, you need to boil the sticks in water and then, strain it. Whether it induces labor or not, it will surely help you relax.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil comes in the form of small capsules, which must be taken under medical advice. The oil helps soften and ripen the cervix and thus, leads to easy delivery.

Other Foods

The following food items have also been associated with the inducement of labor:

Chinese Food

Eggplant Parmesan


Supplements To Induce Labor

Apart from the labor inducing foods, some supplements could also be tried to bring on the pains, or at least, facilitating the ripening of the cervix. Earlier castor oil was believed to assist in the same, but some studies and researches have put forward that it may lead to certain undesirable results, such as excessive diarrhea. Excessive cramping caused by diarrhea may lead to uterine cramping. At the same time, it could be dehydrating for the expectant mother, which could have negative consequences on her health. So, the oil is better kept at bay.

Native Americans have long used raspberry tea for the purpose of toning the uterus. This tea is rather safe and can be had throughout the pregnancy. This Raspberry serves to help focus your Braxton-Hicks contractions and make them much more productive, thereby helping to induce labor pains. Those having difficult pregnancies should, however, avoid having raspberry tea. On the other hand, the women with normal pregnancies can go for a regular intake of raspberry tea.


Do consult a doctor before having any of the foods listed above.

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