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Ashura and Ahmad Husayn Ya‘qub of Jordan

Ahmad Husayn Ya‘qub had traveled to Iran on the anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini. He says, “One of the things on my programme during the death anniversary was to visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini. In the morning of that day, I went to visit his shrine. I found a large number of pilgrims.

Not less than three million men and women altogether. They had surrounded the shrine in such a way that they seemed to form a chain. Their hands were spread to the sky and were shouting together Persian poetry. I asked my translator to accurately translate what those people were saying. He said, ‘They are saying, ‘We are not like those people who deserted and left their Imam alone. We are with you, O Imam!’’

I broke down crying and I understood that the Imam who was left alone and was killed by the caliph’s huge army was Imam al-Husayn. On that day, it occurred to me that I should write a book about the event of Karbala.

I reached the conclusion that informing the people about this event was necessary. Therefore, I dedicated a part of my time to this issue and started reading, collecting data and keeping records of whatever I found out in this field with the intention to publish the results…

When I was busy writing my book on this issue, there were times when I was definitely sadder than other days. I would be affected by the events which took place and would cry a lot during the day. What kind of man would not cry as he passes through the varying parts of the event at Karbala…”

Ahmad Husayn Ya‘qub is a person who possessed foresight and was guided to the right path. He became a Shi‘ah and has written a number of books in defence of the Shi‘ism.31


31. Ahmad Husayn Ya‘qub, Karbala, al-Thawrah wa al-Ma’sah, pp. 7-8.


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