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Analysing hadith blessing Yazeed - Part III

Reply Fourteen : Texts purporting Yazeed to have been present in this 'Paradise-bound army' are lies

We appeal to our Sunni brothers: are these advocates of Yazeed not the same people that have relied on the texts of irreligious alleged scholars? These Nasibi claim that Shi'a writers are in effect seditious Iranian Ibn Saba elements of Jewish origin. We challenge these followers of Yazeed to prove to us from the Qur'an and Sahih hadith that Yazeed was present in the army that according to Umm Haram had been blessed with Paradise - and these people's claims shall be proven false. The fact is we curse all these commentators who claim that Yazeed was praiseworthy / deserving of Paradise - and for that aim they rely on a hadith that had been recorded by an Iranian - called Ismail Bukhari - so let's ignore him as he may be an Ibn Saba Magian. In fact it is the Nasibis who practice a form of Islam pioneered by men like Mu'awiya and that perpetrates fabricated Umayyad Hadith to this day, and upon which they base their 'Deen' (Cult).

Since Mu'awiya and Yazeed both never accepted Islam in their hearts (proved in this article and the one on Mu'awiya) it is quite reasonable to say the Nasibis represent the Jahiliyya element in Islam - their cult is that which is influenced by the pagan Meccans like Abu Sofyan and Mu'awiya and the hardness of their hearts to this day to Muhammad (saws) and his family is indicative of that hatred - for their cult was founded by our dear Prophet (saws)'s worst enemies. That's why when the Fatwa from the Shia came on Salman Rushdie's head, the scholars of Saudi Arabia were quiet .... they didn't feel for the Holy Prophet (saws) like Shias and Sunnis do. In the words of mainstream Sunnis the silence from the Sunni world was deafening. So next time, be you Shia or Sunni, and you hear the Nasibis stop you saying Salam to the Prophet (saws) and calling it bid'a - just pause - that Nasibi voice is the voice 1,400 years later of the Prophet (saws)'s enemies. It's the voice of Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab, Abu Sofyan, Mu'awiya and Yazeed. It's the voice of Shaitan. That's why something in you makes you react against it, or something in you will make you turn away from it if they've already snared you...Insha Allah. We challenge Azam Tariq Nasibi to: Present us this hadith from an Arab scholar who recorded in his book that the first army to enter Rome shall be in Paradise, and then:

Produce an authentic Arab source with a Sahih Isnad confirming the presence of Yazeed in that army.

How can one even entertain the notion that Yazeed will attain Paradise? A man that killed the descendents of the Prophet (saws) kills Ahl'ul bayt (as) and also allows the occurrence of gang rapes of the Sahaba's daughters in Medina. If Yazeed can enter Paradise then by the same token then so can the killers of Hadhrath Uthman. They did a lot less harm than Yazeed did.

Reply Fifteen : Sunni Ulema have stated that Yazeed was not deserving of Paradise

As proof we shall rely on the following authentic Sunni texts:

Fathul Bari Volume 6 page 102, Kitab Jihad

Umdah'thul Qari fi Sharh Bukhari Volume 6 page 649 Bab ba Qeel fi Qaathil al Rum

Mu'awiya aur Isthakhlaf ai Yazeed page 391

Imam Pak aur Yazeed Paleeth page138

Shaeed ai Kerbala aur Yazeed page 184

Siraaj al Muneer Volume 1 page 80, the letter 'Alif'

We read in Umdah:

"Yazeed's character is well known. If people cite the fact that this hadith points to the conquerors of Rome attaining Paradise - it is not incumbent to incorporate Yazeed here (in this group). It does not guarantee Paradise for all combatants, since there is no dispute amongst the people of knowledge, that Rasulullah's order was placed on a condition - the only participants that can rely on the promise of Paradise are those worthy of attaining it. Those that participated and then subsequently apostatised will not be counted as those deserving of Salvation".

We read in Fathul Bari:

"Some state that the hadith relating to the city of Caesar constitutes a merit of Yazeed, but Ibn Atheer and al Muneer have stated that even if Yazeed was one of those in that army being referred to in the Caesar tradition, it does not prevent Yazeed from being excluded from this group, since there is no dispute amongst the people of knowledge, that the only participants that can rely on the promise of Paradise are those worthy of attaining it. Those that participated and then subsequently apostatised will not be counted amongst these people".

We could say the same thing about the Day of Hudaibiya using this same logic of Sunni scholarship - many of the companions there apostatised AFTER the Treaty. Thus Allah's words giving peace to those who swore allegiance to the Prophet (saws) under the tree at Hudaibiya only apply to those who did not later apostasies and were thus worthy of this merit and did not betray its beatific sense, which many did when they denied Ali (as) the khilafat. The same applies according to these scholars when dealing with the combatants in the battle for Constantinople.

We read in Irshad Sari by Shahabadeen Taftazani:

"People have cited the Caesar hadith so as to prove that Yazeed is in Heaven and our reply to such a claim is

Even if Yazeed was amongst the combatants there is no reason why he cannot be removed from this group since there is no dispute amongst the people of knowledge, that the only participants that can rely on the promise of Paradise are those worthy of attaining it. Those that participated and then subsequently apostatised will not be counted amongst these people. May Allah's curse (la'nat) be upon Yazeed and such disgraceful people" After citing the comments of Ibn al Muneer [see above], Shahabadeen Taftazani states that: ".according to Sa'dadeen Taftazani some Ulema have deemed it permissible to curse Yazeed by name - since by ordering the execution of Husayn he committed Kufr. His ordering the killing of Husayn, being happy at his death and his paining the Ahl'ul bayt are proven facts".

In Siraj al Muneer, Allamah Shaykh 'Ali bin Ahmad Azeezi after citing the tradition from al Bukhari states:

"Having been satisfied at the killing of Husayn, the Ulema of Ahl'ul Sunnah have deemed it permissible to curse Yazeed, since he ordered his killing and was happy at his death. Imam Taftazani and Ibn Hajr Asqalani in Sharh Mubeeya commented that a scholar of the rank of Imam Ibn Hanbal issued takfeer against Yazeed".

We appeal to those with just minds:

Ibn Hajr Asqalani

Allamah Taftazani


Ali bin Ahmad Azeezi

Ibn Atheer

Ibn Muneer

The above six personalities are all reputed classical Sunni Ulema that rejected the notion that Yazeed was blessed with Paradise. Taftazani openly cursed Yazeed and these comments serve as a slap in the face of Maulana Azam Tariq. We would like to say to these Nasibi attempts, 'you have failed to prove that Yazeed attained Paradise. Your attempts are futile, and the hadith that you worship fails to mention your dear Khalifah by name. You stand in opposition to 99% of Sunni scholars. NO scholar till this age, and it is a corrupt age, said what you say about Yazeed. ' In this context it is worth noting that in regard to the rising of Sofyan and Raja and the final age, the Holy Prophet (saws) said, as we all know, that the scholars would be liars. Dear brothers, Sunni and Shia. The lying by the Ansar group, the Saudi scholars, the Pakistani Wahabis, and the Nasibis in general, and that we have exposed....the sheer blatant pathological compulsive lying that we have shown you ...is the biggest proof to date that the scholars of the Muslims lie. This is a sign of the last age. Till this age NO scholar of any persuasion extolled Yazeed. Today, the Nasibis are doing this. This lying is so blatant that it appals. It is exactly as our Prophet (saws) said of this age. The scholars would be the liars and the worst of people in the Ummah. This doesn't mean all scholars. It means Nasibi scholars. Protect yourself from them, for the Prophet (saws) wept for they would take Muslims to Hellfire with them. Despite his citing the hadith that allegedly purports to Yazeed being in Paradise, Nasibi Azam Tariq has failed in his efforts to get Muslims to sign up to the 'We love Yazeed Fan Club'. For these Nasibi, Paradise is so cheap that Yazeed, killer of Imam Husayn (as), raper of the companions' wives in Madina, burner of the Ka'aba, can enter it. If Yazeed's massacre of the Ahl'ul bayt (as) is no barr on his entering Paradise then by the same token:

The killers of Uthman should also enter Paradise.

The Rafidi, whose affiliation is with Ahl'ul bayt (as), who distance themselves from their enemies should also be deemed as momin, and there should be no barr on the amount of tabarra they do, since like Yazeed they will also be in Heaven.

It is indeed unusual that in the eyes of these Nasibi the Shi'a who condemn those Sahaba that harmed, fought and cursed the Ahl'ul bayt are kaafirs as they curse the Sahaba, whilst a fasiiq, fajir, incestuous, paedophile, homosexual drunkard who attacks Medina, slaughters the Sahaba, upholds the rape of their daughters, in Kerbala corners, starves and massacres the family of the Prophet (s) including the Leader of the People of Paradise is a momin. These pathetic Nasibi should know that murder is a big sin, whilst cursing is a lesser sin - your Imams Mu'awiya and Yazeed cursed and killed the family of the Prophet and cursed them and yet you exalt them as pious Muslims. You say the murderer of the Chief of the Youths of Paradise will be in Paradise also. Yes, Husayn (as) is by the accounts of all Muslims, Shia and Sunni, leader of the Heavenly Youth (and since we are all youths in Paradise according to the Qur'an this means he is the leader with his brother (who also held this title from the Prophet (saws) of the believers who make it to Heaven). Why don't you wake up and smell what you shovel. The Devil has taken hold of your scholars' minds. How can the murdered and the murdered both be in Paradise. They can both be in Hell. They cannot both be in Heaven. Still less a Heaven where the murdered is the Leader of its Youth.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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