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An Appeal for Help and Guidance

Adapted from: "Maqtal al-Husayn; Martyrdom Epic of Imam al-Husayn (a.s.)" by: "Abd al-Razzaq al-Muqarram"

When al-Husayn (‘a) saw that a large number of his companions had died, he took hold of his sacred beard and said, “Allah's Wrath intensified against the Jews for having attributed a son to Him, and His Wrath intensified against the Christians who made Him one of three [Triune], and His Wrath also intensified against the Zoroastrians who worshipped the sun and the moon instead of worshipping Him.

And His Wrath intensified against people who collectively agreed to kill the son of their Prophet's daughter. By Allah! I shall never agree with them about anything they want me to do till I meet Allah drenched in my blood.” Then he called out, “Is there anyone who would defend the ladies of the Messenger of Allah?!”10

Hearing him, the women cried and wailed.
Two Ansaris, Sa’d Ibn al-Harith and his brother Abul-Hutuf, heard al-Husayn (‘a) pleading for help, and they also heard the cries of his children. They were both with the army of ‘Ubaydullah Ibn Sa’d. They suddenly turned against al-Husayn's enemy around them and kept killing them till they themselves were killed.11
The Right Wing Remains Firm

Having seen how the number of their fighting men became so small, al-Husayn's companions resorted to fight individually, i.e. in duels. Thus, they were able to kill a large number of the Kufians. ‘Amr Ibn al-Hajjaj then shouted loudly at his men, “Do you really know who you are fighting?!

You are fighting the land's knights, the people of vision, those who stay firm till death. None of you comes out to fight them except that he gets killed despite their small number. By Allah! If you throw rocks at them, you will be able to kill them all!”

‘Umar Ibn Sa’d said to him, “Yes, you have said the truth Your idea is the sound one; so, send word to everyone and tell them not to come out to them for any duel. True, if you fight them singly, they will finish you.”12
‘Amr Ibn al-Hajjaj attacked al-Husayn's right wing, but the men were able to maintain their ground, kneeling down as they planted their lances. They were thus able to frighten the enemy's horses. When the horsemen came back to charge at them again, al-Husayn's men met them with their arrows, killing some of them and wounding others.13
‘Amr Ibn al-Hajjaj kept saying the following to his men, “Fight those who abandoned their creed and who deserted the jama’a!” Hearing him say so, al-Husayn (‘a) said to him, “Woe unto you, O ‘Amr! Are you really instigating people to fight me?!
Are we really the ones who abandoned their creed while you yourself uphold it?! As soon as our souls part from our bodies, you will find out who is most worthy of entering the fire!”14


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