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Ammar and the Revenge

Adopted from the Book : "Ammar bin Yasir" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

Abu Jahal heard that Ammar became a Muslim. So, he got crazy.

Abu Jahal led a group of polytheists and went to Yasir's house. Torches were in their hands. They burnt the house and took Yasir, Ammar and Summayya to a desert outside Makkah.They chained and began torturing them. First, they whipped them till blood flowed out. Then they brought torches and began burning their bodies. But that small family went on their firm belief.

Abu Jahal brought rocks and put them on their chests. They were breathing hard. Still they were believers.

It was noon. The heat was intense. Abu Jahal and the polytheists came back to Makkah. They left Yasir's family in the intense heat of the sun.

In the meantime, our Master Muhammad [s] passed by the family. When he saw them he wept and said:

Yasir's family, be patient! Your reward will be Paradise!

Summayya said with belief:

I confess that you're Allah's Apostle. And your promise is true.

The criminals came back. Abu Jahal was in advance. There was a long spear in his hand. He began torturing them savagely.

Ammar, Yasir and Summayya were unconscious. So the criminals showered them with water. When they got well again, Abu Jahal shouted at Summayya stormily:

Praise our gods; dispraise Muhammad!

Summayya spat in his face and said:

How bad you and your gods are!

Abu Jahal boiled in anger. Thus, he raised his spear high and it Summayya on the belly. Then he began stabbing her body with his spear until she died. For this reason, Summayya became the first martyr in the history of Islam.

Then Abu Jahal began kicking Yasir on the belly savagely until he died.

Ammar saw what happened to his parents and he wept. Then Abu Jahal shouted angrily:

If you don't praise our gods, I'll kill you!

Ammar could not endure that cruel torture. So he reluctantly said:

Hubal (an idol) is great!

Ammar praised their idols to save himself from torture. So they unchained and left him.

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