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Ammar and al-Shura

Adopted from the Book : "Ammar bin Yasir" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

In 23 A.H., Umar bin al-Khattab was assassinated.

Some Muslims had come to Umar, earlier, and asked him to appoint a Caliph after him.

The Caliph decided that the Caliphate had to be shura (consultation). So, he elected six persons. They were Ali bin Abu Talib [a], Uthman bin Affan, Talha, Zubair, Abdul Rahman bin Auf and Saad bin Abi Wakkas.

Umar ordered the persons to hold a meeting in one of their houses to appoint one of them caliph within three days.

Ammar hoped that they would elect Ali because of his long jihad, his blood relation to our Master Muhammad [s], his knowledge, his outstanding merits and his priority in Islam.

One day passed. Then two days passed. But there was no result. There was serious competition between Ali bin Abu Talib [a] and Uthman bin Affan for the Caliphate.

Some companions such as al-Miqdad, Ammar bin Yasir, al-Abbas, and others stood by the house.

They hoped that Ali would be elected. Banu Ummayyah stood by the house, too. They hoped that Uthman would be elected.

To make Abdul Rahman bin Auf hear, Ammar loudly said:

If you want to see the Muslims in agreement then appoint Ali.

To support Ammar, al-Miqdad said:

Ammar has told the truth. If you appoint Ali, we'll hear and obey him.

AbdulRahman's ambition was to be a caliph. He refused to appoint Ali because Ali would not hand him the Caliphate later on.

So, Abdul Rahman appointed Uthman to hand him the Caliphate after his death.

Thus Uthman became the third Caliph.

Imam Ali went out after he had said to Abdul Rahman:

This is not the first day when you support each other against us! But patience is good and Allah is whose help is sought for against what you describe.

By Allah, you have appointed Uthman caliph to hand you the Caliphate.

Ammar was very unhappy for the Ahlul Bait because they were worthier of Caliphate than other people and because Allah kept away uncleanness from them and purified them thoroughly.

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