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Allamah Taftazani said Yazeed was worthy of more than just cursing

We read in Sharh Muqassad:

"The harms that were inflicted on the Ahl'ul bayt after the Sahaba are acts that cannot be covered up. These acts were so heinous that they cannot be hidden - all including animals testify to their suffering. Their pain was such that the earth and skies shed tears and beat themselves when their suffering is retold - and retelling this shall continue until the Day of Judgement. May Allah's curse be upon those that perpetuated injustices, and those that helped them (to carry out these acts). The curse on these individuals shall be even greater in the next world. If some Ulema are opposed to cursing, then it should be known that Yazeed deserves more than just cursing".

Allamah Baghdadi's Fatwa - Yazeed denied the Prophethood, to curse him is an act of IbadathWe read in Tafseer Ruh al Ma'ani page 72 commentary of Surah Muhammad:

"The wicked Yazeed failed to testify to the Prophethood of Hadhrath Muhammad (s). He also perpetrated acts against the residents of Makka, Medina and the family of the Prophet (s). He indulged in these acts against them during their lives and after their deaths. These acts are so conclusively proven that had he placed the Qur'an in his hands it would have testified to his kuffar. His being a fasiq and fajir did not go unnoticed by the Ulema of Islam, but the Salaf had no choice but to remain silent as they were living under threat.

If we for arguments sake accept that Yazeed was a Muslim who lapsed and committed wrongs, one should know that a man of the rank of Alusi deemed it permissible to curse him by name as he [Yazeed] was a living example of atrocious acts and it is a well-known fact that he never sought forgiveness for killing the family of the Prophet (s) and other acts. The claim that he asked for forgiveness is even weaker than the claim that he possessed iman. When cursing him the names of Ibn Ziyad and Umar bin Sa'd should also be added, may Allah's curse be on them all. curse till the Day of Judgement, until then our eyes shall shed tears for Husayn's suffering.

If someone does not wish to curse by name through fear [that they might be wrong, such as Ghazali], then he should say 'May God's curse be upon those that were pleased at Husayn's killing, those that subjected sufferings on the family of the Prophet, who usurped their rights - when making such a curse Yazeed's name comes to the top of the list.

No one can oppose this method of cursing save Ibn Arabi and his like minded supporters and this is major misguidance on their part - it is worse that the misguidance of Yazeed".

Taftazani, a mainstream Sunni scholar, is reprimanding certain Sufi elements for taking one of their principles too far - that harbouring feelings of hatred to someone impairs progress on the spiritual path, which is not the case when cursing Yazeed as it falls into the realm of forbidding evil. Some Sufis reconcile this as they all accept Husayn (as) as possessed of great spiritual munificence by 'distancing' themselves from Yazeed. Others curse Yazeed.

It is important to note that Sufi Sheikhs are not usually experts on the religious traditions (Hadith), law or history, whatever their spiritual standing might be. This is not denied by any Sufis except fanatical devotees. In this realm the four Sunni imams supersede, all of whom said it was permissible to curse Yazeed.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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