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All Those Awaiting the Reappearance of Imam al-Asr (AJ)

How the Ant Strived to Reach the Beloved

The one important thing his reverence emphasized was the preparedness and being well-equipped by all those awaiting the reappearance of Imam al-Asr (AJ), even though they do not live long enough to witness the time of that noble Imam's advent. He gave an account of Hadrat Dawud (A.S.) as follows:

"While passing through a desert, His Holiness saw an ant picking some dust from a small mound and carrying it to put in another place. He asked Allah (SWT) to inform him of the secret of this ant... The ant began to speak: I have a beloved who has set as a condition for my union with her the carrying of all dust from that mound to this place!

How long will you be able to shift such big mound of dust to the required location? After all, will your life be sufficient for that?

The Prophet Dawud (A.S.) asked the ant. To which he answered: I know all this! But my joy is in that if I die in this way I will have died in the way of my beloved! Hearing this, Hadrat Dawud got quite overwhelmed and figured out this story as a lesson for himself.

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