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Ali's Devotion

Ali's devotion to the Prophet without fear of running the risk of losing his own life was much appreciated by the All-knowing Judge of man, the merciful God, who sent down the angels Gabriel and Michael to guard him from the murderous mob; and informed the Prophet on his way to Medina of His approval of Ali's resignation to His Will, with the words contained in Verse 20$ of Sura II of the Quran.

"And of men there is one who selleth his soul for the sake of seeking the pleasure of God; and God is gracious unto His servants." Men of understanding and intelligence will ever admire Ali till the end of time for the tranquillity of mind displayed by him in the midst of this terrible struggle between life and death.

Also, they will marvel at the Prophet's wise selection of Ali for this night's dramatic performance.

Something in Ali's bearing, his intensely personal heroism, some magnetic quality of his demeanour, must have been responsible for his survival on this occasion. The mob held back and we know that Ali stayed behind in Mecca for some days to return the properties left in trust by the Holy Prophet to their rightful owners as directed.

Adapted from: "Ali, The Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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