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'Ali Bin Yaqtin

'Ali b. Yaqtin b. Musa al- Cufi al- Baghdadi reported traditions on the authority of al- Sadiq and al- Kazim, peace be on them. People knew that he was a reliable, prominent, great figure.

They knew his position with al- Rashid. And his actions with him are written. The Imams praised him and gave glad news about his good consequence and his return to the Pleasure of Allah and His gardens. For example, Abu al- Hasan, peace be on him, said: "I have guaranteed the garden for 'Ali b. Yaqtin and that the fire will not touch him." Also he said when 'Ali b. Yaqtin came towards him: "Whoever is pleased with looking at a man of the companions of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family, must look at this comer." One of the people said to him: "Therefore, he is among the people of Paradise." Abu al- Hasan said: "As for me, I bear witness that he will be among the people of Paradise." Also he said: "For the happiness of 'Ali b. Yaqtin that I mentioned him in the attitude." Also he said: "I asked my Lord, the Great and Almighty to grant me 'Ali b. Yaqtin. So, He granted him to me. Indeed, 'Ali b. Yaqtin spent his money and his love, so he is worthy of that." And there are other traditions of the same meaning. We cannot count his good actions, his serves for ahl al Bayt, and the needs he fulfilled for their followers. Every year, he authorized a person to perform the hajj in behalf of him. Some years, some people counted the number of those who were ready to perform the hajj in behalf of him. Their number was three hundred people. He gave some of them twenty- thousand dirhams and some of them ten thousand dirhams to perform the hajj. Some of those persons were al- Kahili, Abid al- Rahman b. al- Hajjaj, and the like. Also he gave one thousand dirhams to those who were lower than they in rank. Every year, he sent a sum of money between a hundred thousand dirhams and three thousand dirhams to Abu al- Hasan, peace be on him. Abu al- Hasan joined three or four of his sons in marriage. Among them was Abu al- Hasan al- Rida, peace be on him. So, 'Ali b. Yaqtin wrote to him: "I have sent you their dowers." He added to them three thousand dinars for the banquet. The total number was thirteen thousand dinars at one time.(576) It was enough for 'Ali to fulfill the needs of the followers of the Imams was that he spent a lot of money to maintain the family of al- Kahili and his relatives.

And it was enough for his great importance and his high position that Abu al- Hasan, peace be on him, said to him: "'Ali, Allah, the Exalted, has followers among the followers of the oppressive to defend His friends with them. And you, 'Ali, is among them." He said these words to him when Abu Ibrahim Musa came to Iraq. And 'Ali b. Yaqtin said to him: "Do not you see my condition and what I am in?"(577)

Generally speaking, 'Ali b. Yaqtin was an eye for Allah and a shelter for His friends among His enemies. He achieved their rights and drove the evil enmity away from them. Besides he was righteous in his other acts . And he reported the religious rules. Indeed, the pen is unable to write all his outstanding merits.

'Ali was born in Kufa in the year 128 (A.H.). His father Yaqtin was among the prominent propagandists for the Hashimid State. So, Marwan al- Himar sent for him. However, he, his wife, and his two sons 'Ali and 'Ubayd escaped from Kufa to Medina. They stayed there till the Abbasid State appeared. So, he appeared and began serving al- Saffah and al- Mansur though he and his sons were Shi'tes and believed in the Imamate. Yaqtin sent money to al- Sadiq, peace be on him. Some people told alMansur and al- Mahdy about that. However, Allah saved him from their evil plan.

'Ali b. Yaqtin died in Baghdad in the year 182 (A.H.). The crown prince Mohammed al- Amin b. al- Rashid prayed over him. His father Yaqtin died after him in the year 185 (A.H.), the mercy of Allah be on them.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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