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Ali Akbar ibn Hussain (A.S.)

Ali Akbar ibn Hussain (A.S.)

Ali Akbar ibn Hussain (Arabic: Úáí ǘÈÑ Èä ÍÓíä) was born on 11th of Shabaan 44 AH and he was the son of Shi’as’ third Imam Hussain ibn Ali and Umm-e-Laila. He was a handsome young man of eighteen. He was also a brave soldier. He had been taught fencing and archery by his half-uncle, Abbas ibn Ali. Ali Akbar ibn Hussain resembled the Holy Islamic Prophet Muhammad so much that Hussain ibn Ali was often heard saying that whenever I remember the Holy Islamic Prophet Mohammed I always look at Akbar.

Ali Akbar ibn Hussain had a loud beautiful voice. It was he who always recited Adhan. On the morning of the day of Ashura, Ali Akbar ibn Hussain recited the Adhan. Every one knew that it was the last time they would hear Ali Akbar ibn Hussain's Adhan. Hussain ibn Ali began to weep when Ali Akbar began his Adhan. The ladies could also be heard crying in their tents.

After the morning prayers Ali Akbar stood in front of Hussain ibn Ali. He said, "Father I request for permission to go and fight the enemies of Islam." Hussain ibn Ali looked at his son lovingly. He said, "Akbar, you have my permission. May Allah be with you! But Akbar, you know how much your mother, sisters and aunts love you. Go and say farewell to them." Ali Akbar went into the tent of his mother. Every time he wanted to come out of the tent the mother, aunts and sisters would pull his cloak and say, "O Akbar, How can we live without you?" Finally Hussain ibn Ali had to go in and plead with all to let Ali Akbar go.

Hussain ibn Ali helped his youthful son to mount the horse. As Ali Akbar ibn Hussain began to the ride towards the battlefield, he heard foot steps behind. He looked back and saw his father. He said, "Father, we have said good-bye. Why are you walking behind me?" Hussain ibn Ali replied, "My son, had you been a father of a son like me, you would surely have understood!"

Ali Akbar fought very bravely. No one dared come close to him in single combat after he had killed many well known warriors. Umar ibn-e-Sa'ad ordered his soldiers to finish off the young man saying, "When he dies, Hussain will not want to live! Ali Akbar is the life of Hussain." While a few soldiers attacked Ali Akbar another (Haseen ibn-e-Nameer) slowly crept up to him and threw a spear at his chest with such ferocity that it penetrated his chest and he felt faint. As he was falling from his horse, he cried out. "O Father, my last salaam to you!" As he hit the ground the spear broke but the blade remained lodged in Akbar's chest.

When Hussain ibn Ali heard Akbar's salaam he looked at Euphrates, where Abbas ibn Ali’s body was laying and said, “Abbas! Now that this brother of yours needs you the most, where have you gone?" With all his strength sapped by the anguish in Akbar's voice, Hussain ibn Ali began to walk towards the battlefield.

If you guys didn’t read about the battle of Khaybar, then do so because it is related to this article is so many ways. The Jews of Khaybar had revolted against the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims of Medina laid a siege on Khaybar. They surrounded the fortress in which the Jews had taken shelter. The Muslims could not get victory unless they entered the fortress. There was a moat surrounding the fortress. Hazrat Ali had been unable to accompany the Muslims due to his illness. Three days passed and the Muslims could not find any solution. Even if they got across the moat they would face the famous gates of the fortress. These were made of steel, and it is said that at least twenty men were needed to push open or close each gate.

On the third day, after the morning prayers, the Islamic Prophet Muhammad summoned Ali ibn Abu Talib. Ali immediately responded. He jumped his horse over the moat and with one hand swung open both the gates of the fortress with such force that they broke off their hinges. He carried them and put them across the moat to form a bridge. The Muslims rode into the fortress and conquered Khaybar.

Now let us go back to Karbala. When Hussain ibn Ali got to where Akbar lay he took him in his arms. Akbar had his right hand on the chest. He placed his left arm over the shoulder of his father. Hussain said "Akbar, why do you embrace me with one arm only?" Akbar would not reply. Hussain tried to move Akbar's hand. Akbar resisted. Hussain ibn Ali gently moved the hand. Then he saw it! He saw the blade of the spear. Hussain ibn Ali laid Ali Akbar ibn Hussain on the ground and sitting on his knees he put both his hands on the blade of the spear. He then looked at Najaf, and cried out, "Father, I too have come to my Khaybar!" He pulled out the blade. Angel Gabriel cried out "Marhaba! Marhaba!" Akbar took a deep sigh and then lay still.

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