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Al-Mufaddal Bin 'Amr

Abu Abd Allah al- Mufaddal b. 'Amr al- Ju'fy al- Kufi reported traditions on the authority of al- Sadiq and al- Kazim. He had outstanding merits of which no one of the reliable narrators and jurists had. He gathered abundant knowledge, many virtues, righteousness, and piety. Moreover, the two Imams appointed him as their deputy to collect the money of Khums and Zakat for them, to re- establish normal relations among people and to take care of the weak, and so on. It was enough for his honesty and knowledge that the two Imams depended on him in carrying out such a great task which was in need of large heartedness, determination, hard work to fulfill the needs of people, and perfect belief. And his acts bear witness that he was meritorious for the two Imams to depend on him. Al- Sadiq appointed him as his representative after Abd Allah b. Ya'fur had passed away as we have mentioned in Abd Allah. Then what is your opinion about the qualification of the successor who replaced that predecessor? He went on carrying out that representation, though there were many able men to carry it out, till he did while he had laudable behavior and was simple hearted.

It was enough for al- Mufaddal's high position that Abu Abd Allah, peace be on him, said concerning him: "By Allah with Whom there is no god, what an excellent servant al- Mufaddalb. 'Amr al- Ju'fi was!" Abu Abd Allah said these words concerning al- Mufaddal for thirty and some times. After the death of al- Mufaddal, Abu al- Hasan, peace be on him, said concerning him: "Indeed, al- Mufaddal was sociability and rest for me!" Also he said: "May Allah have mercy upon al- Mufaddal, he have rested!"

He had books (groups of traditions). A group of the reliable narrators reported the books from him. It is attributed to him that he reported al-Tawhid and al- Ihlijiya on the authority of al- Sadiq, peace be on him, as we have stated in the previous chapters of this book.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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