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Al-Abbas (a.s.) Fetches Water for the Ahl ul-Bayt (a.s.)

As he saw the children and harem cry out of thirst, al-Abbas declared his readiness to fetch water by force. He therefore took thirty horsemen and twenty warriors and attacked the bank of the river. Amr ibn al-Hajjaj who was in charge of guarding the river from the companions of the Imam faced Nafii ibn Hilal to tell him that it is impossible to let him take water to Imam al-Hussein. But al-Abbas and the other heroes did not pay attention to the criminal's words; therefore, they encountered a battalion of the Umayyad army. However, the two parties did not encounter any casualty. The result was that al-Abbas and his companions reached the river and filled up the twenty skins they had with water and came back.
Since that day, or maybe before, al-Abbas was given the honorable name of 'as-Saqqaa -the provider of water.' 130


130. See Ansab ul-Ashraf; 3/181.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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