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Ahl al Sunna believe that no khalifa has the right to appoint his son as khalifa without shura

Al Mawardi in Al Ahkam al Sultaneeya page 8 states:

"When a khilafat intends on appointing a successor the khilafah should make efforts to locate the individual that is most deserving, and the condition of khilafat is if after this extensive search a person is located, provided he is not the Khalifah's father or son, then he can be appointed without seeking the counsel of anyone else."

Abu Yala in this same book, echoing the words of other Salaf Ulema stated that the contract of Imamate can only go to one that is Adil, and the Qur'an stipulates that it cannot be bestowed on one that is Dhaalim. We have the consensus from the Ulema of Islam that a fasiq cannot attain the station of Imam; we can prove from the texts of Ahl'ul Sunnah that both Mu'awiya and Yazeed were not adil. Mu'awiya's deeds throughout his reign, including efforts to secure Yazeed's nomination via duress and coercion proves that he was not adil. When Mu'awiya was himself unjust then he had no right to appoint his fasiq son as Imam over the Ummah. Moreover his methods of intimidation to 'win' backing for Yazeed, makes Nasibi claims that Yazeed's khilafat was legitimate a complete farce.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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