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According to Islamic ideology why does Al-Mahdi (as) need to be/will be supported by Jesus (as)? Is it not possible for Al-Mahdi (as) to guide and lead the people to justice and truth alone?

The answer to this question can be understood through consideration of the following two points:

* It has been confirmed in the Qur'an that Jesus (as) is the only last pre-Islamic prophet not to have been killed and who is still alive. Being still alive is a vital and useful factor for his assistance to Imam Al-Mahdi (as).
* If we look at a religious state of the world, it can clearly be seen that the major monotheist contemporary religions are: Christianity and Islam. They are the last two monotheist religions based on revelation, and to have a Divine guide representing each one is of extreme importance. I personally believe that the joint assistance of Jesus (as) and Al-Mahdi (as) is essential. These two key figures must be and will work together to achieve complete global peace.

Adapted from the book: "The Awaited Saviour; Questions and Answers"

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