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Abu Sulaiman al Nasibi's claim that there was an ijma in Yazeed's khilafat is an absolute lie

Advocate of Mu'awiya Ibn Hajr al Makki in Thatheer al Janaan page 109 Dhikr Khalasa Jang Jamal states:

"The Sahaba were just, but on some occasions they would make such mistakes that were not becoming of the Sahaba. Such mistakes can be highlighted. For example Mu'awiya's appointing his son as Khalifah was a mistake, his love for his son clouded his eyes. This love in effect made Mu'awiya blind, and his making Yazeed the khalifah was a mistake, may Allah (swt) forgive him."

This is a polite way to say nepotism.

According to Ibn Hajr al Makki, Mu'awiya was blinded by his love for his son Yazeed. Nasibis such as Abu Sulaiman and Azam Tariq are just as blind when they sing the praises of Yazeed and deem his khilafat to be legitimate.

The acknowledgement that this appointment was a mistake destroys the Nasibi notion that Yazeed's khilafat had ijma and was hence lawful. Had there been ijma then there would have been no grounds to conclude that a mistake had taken place. Mu'awiya through his blind love of his fasiq / fajir son sought to secure his Khilafat via the State machinery of terrorism and bribery.

Another defender of Mu'awiya, Allamah Abdul Hai states in Mahmuwa Naqwi Volume 2 page 94 states:

At the time of the bayya to Yazeed, Hadhrath Husayn and other Sahaba did not give bayya. Those who did give bayya were forced to do so; it was known that Yazeed was a fasiq and faajir.

This is further proof that people were pressured to give bayya, thus meaning that Abu Sulaiman's glowing curriculum vitae for Yazeed, namely that his khilafat had ijma, is a clear lie.

In Fatawa Azeezi page 227 al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz states as follows:

"People in Makka, Medina and Kufa were unhappy at filthy Yazeed being made heir apparent, and Imam Husayn, Abdullah bin Umar, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Zubayr and other Sahaba did not give bayya".

Medina was the capital and heart of Islam where the family of the Holy Prophet (saws) and remaining companions lived. When the people of Madina rejected the khilafat of Yazeed then to all extent and purposes Nasibi Abu Sulaiman's claim that Yazeed's khilafat was legitimate on account of ijma is an absolute lie. It doesn't get more clear-cut than this. In Shaheed Karbala page 11 Part 19 the Hanafi scholar Mufti Muhammad Shaafi writes:

"Yazeed's personal lifestyle was such that many in the vast Ummah did not deem him to be the khalifah. The people (Sahaba) opposed this planning, many opposed it till their last breath, and the situation got to a point where residents of Medina, Kufa and Kerbala were massacred."

This author has also through his pen discredited the claim that Yazeed had attained ijma of the people.

We read in Takmeel al Iman page 178 by Shah Abdul Haq Dehlavi:

"How could Yazeed be the Ameer when Imam Husayn was present? How was it a duty to obtain ijma (in this circumstance) when the Sahaba and their children were present at that time and when they had already voiced their opposition to this order? They were aware that he was an enemy of Allah (swt), would drink, did not offer Salat, committed Zina (adultery), he could not even refrain from copulating with his Mahram relatives (incest - having sex with sisters, daughters etc)."

This further destroys Nasibi Abu Sulaiman's false claim that ijma constitutes legitimacy. Shah Abdul Haqq also wrote in Ba Shabaath basnaath page 36 as follows:

"The reality is Yazeed was born in 25 or 26 Hijri, and just like his father public disdain was no barr on him attaining power".

i.e. father and son displayed a trait peculiarly common to many notorious families, who want power at any cost, even human life.

Maulana Akbar Shah Abadi in Tareekh Islam Volume 2 page 56 stated:

"Mu'awiya's securing bayya for his son during his lifetime was a major mistake, this mistake was on account of his blind love for his son".

We have faithfully relied on Sunni sources to prove that the claims of any Muhaddith that ijma was secured for Yazeed is an absolute lie.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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