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Abu Basir

Layth b. al- Bakhtary Abu Basir al- Muradi al- Kufi was a reliable companion of al- Sadiq, peace be on him. Concerning him, he said: "The pegs of the earth and the great figures of the religion are four...." "The companions of my father were good whether they are a live or dead...." See Barid al- 'Ajali. Also he said concerning him: "And give good news to the humble." Abu Basir saw miraculous acts from al- Sadiq, peace be on him. For example, al- Sadiq rubbed his hand on the eye of Abu Basir and made him see.

Generally speaking, Abu Basir was among the great traditionalists and jurisprudents. He was among the six companions of al- Baqir, peace be on him. The .sect (the Shi'a) has agreed on the correctness of the traditions which have been reported on his authority. and acknowledged his ability in jurisprudence.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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