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Abraham Builds the Ka'ba

One time that Abraham (PBUH) went to Mecca, he told his son, "My dear son, Allah has commanded me to rebuild His Holy House, the Ka'ba."
Ismail (PBUH) immediately declared his readiness to help Abraham (PBUH) fulfill the divine commandment. With reliance on the Divine Power, they hurried to the site of the Ka'ba with the necessary tools; and began the job with a firm intention.
They called upon Allah,
"O Lord! Accept this service from us, for You are the All-Hearing, All-Knowing. Our Lord! Make us Muslims, bowing to Your Will; and make our progeny Muslims, bowing to Your Will. Show us our places for the celebration of due rites, and turn to us in mercy, for You are the All-Forgiving, the All-Merciful." (2-127-128)
Ismail (PBUH) gathered stones from the desert and Abraham (PBUH) rebuilt the Ka'ba until the walls were raised. Jibra'il (Gabriel), Allah's esteemed angel, who was Abraham's guide in all situations, showed them the site of "Hajar-ul-Aswad", the black stone. They dug the stone out of the ground, and Abraham (PBUH) placed it in the spot where it remains today. He made two doors for the Ka'ba one towards the East, and the other towards the West.
When the construction of the Ka'ba was completed, Abraham (PBUH) and Ismail (PBUH) performed the pilgrimage (Hajj) rites. Then Abraham (PBUH) raised his hands in supplication, saying,
"My Lord, make it a secure town and provide its people with fruits, such of them as believe in Allah and the last day." (2:126)

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