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About the Weekend Diet

Think of this as your weekend to kick back — to relax your body, rekindle your spirit. But it's more: During these two days, you'll be able to turn around unhealthy eating habits and jump-start your workout routine, key moves if you want to drop pounds. When scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis measured the weight fluctuations in 48 women and men, they found the group ate more and exercised less on the weekend. The weekly damage was tiny — a mere 0.17 pounds — but over the course of a year, it could add up to a nine-pound gain.

That's why we've created this weekend-at-home spa experience. The centerpiece is an elegant yet low-cal menu (just 1,200 calories). And because we know that in real life you might go out on weekends, we also list the best choices from popular eateries. Come Monday, your pants will feel looser and your spirit lighter.

And if you want to keep dropping pounds, check out the Snack-All-Day diet plan and other great plans. Also, be sure to check out our Diet Matchmaker to help you figure out what might work best for you.

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