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Abd Allah bin Hashim al-Mirqal

He was the chief of Quraysh in Basra and head of the Shi'ites there.

His father, Hashim (al-Mirqal) b. Uttba b. Abu Waqqas was the brave leader of th left wing of the army of Ali, peace be on Him. He defeated Mu'awiya in a dreadful way at the Battle of Siffin.
Mu'awiya wrote to his governor, Zyyad,: "Now then, look for Abd Allah b. Hashim b. Uttba. Tie his hand to his neck, and then send Him to me."

Thus Zyyad came to Abd Allah's house by night. He shankled Him, and then sent Him to Damscus. Abd Allah was brought before Mu'awiya. Amru b. al-As was with Mu'awiya. Mu'awiya said to Amru: "Do you know this? Amru replied: "This is (the man) whose father said at the Battle of Siffin..." He read his lines of poetry which he memorized, and then he recited this line of poetry:

"The pasture may grow on the dunghill.

Thus the spites of the selves remain as they are."

Then Amru went on saying: "Commander of the faithful, take this tricky one. Cut off his jugular veins and his shoulders. Do not return Him to Iraq, for he always plays the hypocrite. They (ie, the Iraqis) are the people of hypocrisy and discord, and the party of Iblis when he becomes excited. His (ie, Abd Allah's) desire moves Him, his opnion makes Him tyrant, and his returned make Him strong. So an evil deed is for an evil deed.

Such a report and such discrimination against Iraq and Iraqis were from the famous habits of Amru. We do not think that there wa a person who had described the Iraqis in such a hostile manner before Him.

As for Abd Allah b. Hashim al-Mirqal, he was so brave that he said to Amru b. al-As: "Amru, if I am killed, then I an the man whose people hae deserted, and whose death his come. Aren't you who turned away from fighting when we summoned you to encounter? (Aren't you who) sought protection in the compact stones? you were like the black female slave tractable ewe. you were unable to push the hand of a toucher."

Thus Amru said: "By Allah, I do not think that you will escape from the claws of the Commander of the faithful (ie, Mu'awiya)."

'Abd Allah said: "By Allah, b. al-As, you are ungrateful in ease, cowardly during the encounter, unjjust during authority, fainthearted during battles. you are not important in all circumstances. Didn't these attitudes issue from the you when the people met you? you know that the people did not become violatent when they were youngsters, nor did they renounce (their own faith) when thaty became grown -ups. They had strong hands and sharp tongues. They reformed the deviation (from the truth), removed the sin, increased the little (thing), quenched thirst, and supported the weak."

Then Amru said: "By Allah, I saw your father at the time when his bowels split apart, his intestines remined. and the middle parts of his back became restless."

So 'Abd Allah said: "Amru, we have tested you and your speech. So we have found that you have a lying disloyal tongue. your are alone with the people who do not know you, and with the soldiers who do not bargain with you. If you wanted to speak to other then the Syrians, your reason would be confused, your tongue would be stammering, and your two thighs would shake like the young came! whose load has burdened it."

Thus Mu'awiya said: "Stop quarreling" The he ordered Abd Allah to be released. Amru went on blaming Mu'awiya for releasing Abd Allah, saying:

"I have given you a resolute order.
It was an act of success to kill b. Hashim.
Wasn't his father, Mu'awiya, who helped Ali
When he (i.e., Ali) cut off the heads?
He did not leave (us) till our blood
at the (battle of) Siffin flew like overflowing seas.
This is his son, and the person is like his
Shaykh, and you are about to gnash
the tooth of a repentant because of Him."

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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