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Abbas in the Sight of Imam al-Hussein (a.s.)

Historian have narrated many reports showing the close, unique relation between al-Abbas and his brother, Imam al-Hussein (a) who addressed to him a word showing the great rank that al-Abbas occupied in his brother's mentality:

In one of the many situations in Karbala, Imam al-Hussein said to his brother al-Abbas:"Ride on, may I be your sacrifice."

When al-Abbas breathed his last breaths while his head was on the knees of Imam al-Hussein (a), the latter declared with deeply sad tone: "Now, my spine is broken, and I have become helpless, and my enemies are rejoicing at my misfortune."
This word expresses the real position that al-Abbas was occupying for his brother.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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