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Abbas and Zaynab (a.s.)

Al-Abbas, too, was the brother of Zaynab al-Kubra, daughter of Fatima az-Zahraa daughter of Prophet Mohammed (s). She was older than al-Abbas. Like her mother the chiefess of the women of this world, Zaynab was the best example of glory, honor, and perseverance on principles; therefore, she has become the pattern of the virtuous woman who contributes strongly in erecting the ideal human society. She was one of the fragments of prophecy and one of the pieces of Imamate. Besides, she was so knowledgeable, righteous, and sagacious. 43 Like her father, she was so eloquent. This lady had special situations with al-Abbas who engaged himself with her guardianship during the tragic journey to Karbala.
After the martyrdom of her brothers, sons, and nephews, and after she had been taken as captive to the palace of Yazid, Zaynab gave the ever best example of perseverance and steadfastness when she delivered that incomparable sermon before her enemies who tried, uselessly, to humiliate her.

It is now not odd for , al-Abbas, to hold all the mental virtues in his unparalleled personality, since his forefathers, father, mother, brothers, and sisters were all models of human perfection.


43. See at-Tabirsi, Alihtijaj; 166.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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