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A New Trick by Mu'awiyah

Adopted from the Book : "Malik al-Ashtar" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

Mu'awiyah thought about a new trick to cheat the Imam's Army. So, he asked the advice of Amru bin al-Aas. Amru bin al-Aas said:

I'm sure we can cheat them with the Qur'an.

Mu'awiyah rejoiced at the trick and ordered his soldiers to raise the Qur'an on their spears.

When the Imam's soldiers saw the Qur'an, they thought about stopping the battle. Thus Mu'awiyah cheated many soldiers.

The Imam said:

It's a trick! I was the first to invite them to Allah's Book. And I was the first to believe in It. They've disobeyed Allah and broken His promise.

But twenty thousand soldiers disobeyed the Imam's order and said:

Stop fighting and order al-Ashtar to withdraw!

The Imam sent a soldier to al-Ashtar to stop fighting.

But Malik al-Ashtar went on fighting. Then he said:

We'll get the final victory within few moments.

The soldier said:

But twenty thousand rebels are besieging the Imam. If you go on fighting they'll kill him.

Malik al-Ashtar was forced to withdraw. So, he said:

There's neither might nor power but with Allah.

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