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A Meeting of the Road

Habeeb bin Mudhahir was a good companion. After our Master Muhammad's demise, Habeeb had a close relationship with Imam Ali [a].

One day, Maytham was riding a horse. Habeeb bin Mudhahir was riding a horse, too. They met each other before Bani Asad. They had a short talk. Bani Asad listened to their talk. Habeeb said with a smile:

I predict that a bald man with a big belly will sell melons at Dar al-Rizk. The man will be killed for the love of his Prophet's family.

Maytham said:

I know that a red man with two plaits would appear. The man will support the son of the daughter of his Prophet. The man will be beheaded. His head will be carried through the streets of Kufa.

The two friends saw off each other. Bani Asad said:

They are liars.

In the meantime, Rasheed al-Hajry passed by Bani Asad. He asked them about Habeeb and Maytham. Bani Asad said:

They've just gone away.

Then Bani Asad told Rasheed about Habeeb's and Maytham's predictions.

Rasheed said with smile:

May AIlah have mercy on Maytham. He's forgotten to say: The person who brings the head will be given an extra hundred dirhams.

Rasheed went away. Bani Asad were astonished at his words. Then they said:

Rasheed is a liar; too!

Days passed. In Muharram, 61 A.H., Bani Asad saw Habeeb's head. It was tied to a long spear. They saw Ibn Ziyad's policemen carrying the head and walking through the streets of Kufa.

Adopted from the book: "Maytham al-Tammar" by: "Kamal al-Seyyed"

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