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17th of Rabiul Awwal, a Historic Day

17th of Rabiul Awwal, a Historic Day
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At the dawn of Friday, 17th Rabi Awwal, in 530 A.D.) a child born whose birth was announced in the divine Books (Old and New testaments). Muhammad ibn Abdullah is the last great prophet (who has divine book), and the mercy for the inhabitants of the world, whom the exalted God granted to mankind, and forever his light brightened the world.

Eighty-three years after Hijrat, on 17th Rabi Awal, a child from holy prophet's progeny born, who was entitled as Sadiq- Ale- Muhammad. His knowledge and information, in all sciences, was so extensive that in all debates, with other scholars, his presentation was brilliant. Historians have narrated that Imam Sadiq (A.S.) had 4000 students. In his time, Fiqh (religious jurisprudence) and Islamic teachings flourished. It was also the age of progress of tradition manifestation and appearance of the important Islamic philosophies.

The Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) says, "The ways which guide my followers toward paradise are virtues, and good behavior." (Kafi, Vol 2, P.100) Imam Sadiq (A.S.) says, "To the exalted God, the best acts of the good servant are to make pious man happy, to feed him, to remove his grief, and to pay for his debt." (Kafi, Vol 2, P.199)

The Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) and his infallible and innocent family are the best symbols for mankind. We conclude from two above traditions that virtues and good behavior are two characters that attract God and servant's satisfactions, and finally will lead to paradise.

It is a duty for every Muslim, to take care of not only his faithful brothers and sisters, but also all the fellow- creatures in different respects, and to solve their problems as mush as possible.

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