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16 ideas for simple pre-Eid planning

While time is running out, you can still come up with a plan for Eid and prepare for it beforehand. Here are some ideas:

1. Talk it out with everyone

Make a specific Eid plan TODAY. Sit with the family and discuss what you will do on Eid day. Plan things step-by-step. Where will you go to perform Eid prayers? Where will you go afterwards? Get everyone involved and listen to all suggestions.

2. Dress for success

In most Muslim countries Eid is a time for buying new clothing. Since spring is coming up, it's time to get rid of the heavy winter clothing and exchange it for lighter apparel. Shop for Eid clothes and some new items as well.

3. "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar...."

Involve the kids, especially the younger ones, in loud Takbirat while going and returning from the Eid Prayer.
4. Cool gift ideas
5. For the family's study circle
For the collective family study circle, get a good book about the life of the Prophet and find out how the Muslims of his time celebrated Eid.
6. Share Eid with the family and neighbors

Have two Eid dinners: one for the family on Eid day and one with neighbors. Or maybe you just want to share some dishes on Eid with your neighbors.

7. Take the car out for a...

Take a family trip to some place of enjoyment.

Sing songs in the car on the way, eat and stop in between for prayers. Make this the family's first long drive after winter.

8. Make your Eid one with real entertainment

Please avoid TV or movies on Eid break.

Eid is family and fun time, and you don't necessarily need films or television to have a good time.

9. Decorate the home for Eid

There's nothing wrong with decorating the home for Eid.

It'll help liven up the atmosphere.

Use balloons, banners, streamers, lights, and more.

10. Get everyone involved in a school presentation on aspects of Eid

The whole family can get involved in preparing a school presentation about Eid, especially since Christmas is coming up. Kids can see their Muslim classmates celebrating too.

11. Give gifts generously-give an Eidee

In some parts of the Muslim world a small amount of money is given to children as Eidee. You can do that or give a small present.

12. Encourage the kids to make handmade gifts

Why not help children make gifts for one another? Not only is this inexpensive, handmade gifts tend to come from the heart, more than the wallet.

13. Start a family project

Why not mark Eid-ul-Fitr with a new family project? For example, start of a family library.

Discuss the issue practically: how many books, which kinds, budget, where will the library be set up in the home, etc.

14. Share with needy kids

During Eid-ul-Fitr, children in need must be remembered by sharing something with them.

Encourage a family donation from each member for needy children in a specific part of the world.

15. Discuss the Eid day menu

If you are the family member responsible for preparing the food on Eid day, consult other members of the family. Consultation may help you involve them in preparation and cleanup as well.

16. Hug your brother, hug your sister

At the place where Eid prayer is held, a lot of hugging goes. You will find some Muslims standing alone. They are either new Muslims or new immigrants without relatives and friends. Do hug them and greet them. If possible invite them to your home for a meal. Also inform them of any planned Eid celebrations at any community center.

Have a great Eid everyone. May Allah bless you with more and the best of this world and the real best in the everlasting life.

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