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1400 Calorie Diet - Higher Protein

These meal plans are around 1400-1450 calories, and are higher in protein. This calorie level is appropriate for a woman engaged in physical activity (such as 3-4 times per week), and who wants to lose weight.

This calorie level is not appropriate for men.

4 days of meals are listed.

1400 Calorie Meal Plan

Day 1 (total 1440 cal) Day 2 (total 1490 cal)
Breakfast (approx 540 cal) Breakfast(approx 360 cal)
1 weetbix + ½ cup of allbran
low fat milk - ½ cup
1 slice raisin toast + 1tsp lite margarine
1 sliced banana
¾ cup high fibre cereal (eg AllbranT) with ½ cup low fat milk
1 tub low fat yoghurt 200g
Lunch (approx 350 cal) Lunch (approx 400 cal)
1 slice of wholegrain bread with a 100g tin of salmon, tossed with onion, capsicum tomatoes and lettuce
Lite salad dressing
1 piece of fresh fruit
25g cheddar or other cheese
4 Ryvita biscuits
1 pear
1 tub low fat yoghurt

Dinner(approx 550 cal) Dinner (approx 730 cal)
Light vegetable soup (less than 160KJ)
200g chicken breast fried in 2 tsp olive oil
½ cup mashed pumpkin with sprinkle of nutmeg plus zucchini and green beans
2 tsp grainy mustard
Low fat yoghurt
200g veal cutlets pan fried in 2 tsp olive oil with pesto topping with microwaved vegetables and steamed asparagus
Stewed apple

Day 3 (total 1390 cal) Day 4 (total 1460 cal)
Breakfast (approx 300 cal) Breakfast (approx 530 cal)
1 sachet instant porridge (40g) cooked with ¾ cup of low fat milk
Tinned peaches 150g
Glass orange juice
2 eggs (poached, boiled or scrambled) with ½ tomato and mushrooms cooked in 2 tsp lite margarine
1 rasher lean bacon
1 slice wholegrain toast
1 tsp lite canola margarine
Lunch (approx 325 cal) Lunch (approx 410 cal)
1 slice of wholegrain bread
1 large mug pumpkin soup made with low fat milk
Low fat dairy dessert eg Fruche
Open chicken sandwich (1 slice of wholegrain bread, 50g chicken, chutney 2 tsp, salad )
1 piece of fresh fruit
Dinner (approx 765 cal) Dinner (approx 520 cal)

Coriander and chilli lamb kebabs plus 1/3 cup cooked rice
Serve with mixed salad and mashed pumpkin
Low fat yogurt

2 egg omelette with 100g ham, zucchini and spring onion cooked with 2 tsp oil
Tossed salad with Lite dressing

Ensure you drink plenty of water - aim for 8-10 glasses per day.

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