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Simple Housekeeping Tips

Simple Housekeeping Tips

Fingermarks on Walls
Remove dirty fingermarks from your walls with a slice of white bread

Bird droppings, stain removal
Bird droppings are easy to remove. Scrape off as much excess as possible. Rinse under cold running

water while gently rubbing the fabric. Soak in cold water with liquid detergent for 1 hour.

When the stain persists, soak for another 30 minutes in a solution of 1 tablespoon borax to 500ml

warm water. Wear rubber gloves, because Borax is an eye irritant. Make sure that you keep your

hands away from your face!

Wash as usual when the stain has gone.

Bright White Rice
When you are making rice that is plain and you want a bright white rice- add two teaspoons of lemon jucie to the cooking water. This is great for steamed rice.

Cigarette smoke, remove odour
After an evening with visitors who smoked in your house, your house will smell unpleasant. You can remove the cigarette odour by placing a shell with some water and vinegar in your room directly after they left. During the night the vinegar-water will absorb the smoke.

Urine Stains in Mattresses
Remove urine stains with cold water and washing up liquid from your mattresses. Remove heavy stains by applying a paste of cornflour and water. Leave until dried and then brush off. Repeat as necessary.

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