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Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Toilet Trick

-What's the Best Way to Clean the Tiolet Tank?

When you remove the lid, you may be surprised by what lurks underneath. Sand and other debris can accumulate and prevent the flapper from working correctly. To clean, turn off water at the base. Flush the toilet, which will empty the tank, then wipe the inside with paper towels.

Bastion of bacteria

-Which Has More Germs: a Desktop or a Tiolet?

Believe it or not, the correct answer is a desk! One study revealed that there are 400 times more bacteria on a desk and keyboard than on a toilet seat. Every two weeks, clean your keyboard with a damp wipe; every three months, use compressed air (available at office supply stores).

The dirt on your dishwasher

-Is it Necessary to Wash my Dishwasher?

Yes! Even the inside of your dishwasher accumulates dirt and gunk. Inspect the bottom reservoir and drain hose, where grease and food particles could get trapped. Push a wad of paper towels or a large sponge into the bottom to absorb any of this stuff. Then pour several cups of household vinegar into the bottom and run a cycle.

Sock It!

-Is there a Fun Way to Clean Floors?

Yep! Try this tip from Heloise: "I like to put on old socks, spray a bit of cleaning fluid on them, and slide my feet along the baseboard, sticking my toes into corners to get at that hard-to-reach dust. It's good exercise - and the cleaning gets done."

Picture perfect walls

-How can I Hang Pictures without Damaging the Wall?

If you want to hang paintings on drywall and they are less than 5 pounds each, you can simply use straight pins or sewing needles as hangers. You can stick them right into the wall - and when the pins are removed, the holes are nearly invisible.

Fastidious Flora

-How can I make cut Flowers Last Longer?

When your flowers start to droop, don't toss the whole arrangement in the trash. Snip off any surviving blossoms near the tops of the stems and place each one in a ceramic bowl. Fill the containers with warm water mixed with half a crushed aspirin. Group them together on a table or sideboard for impact, or scatter single blooms in different rooms of the house.

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