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How Much Juice Can Be Taken Safely?

Once you understand the health benefits of fresh fruit juicing, you want to drink more and more. Just how much juice can be taken safely? Answer: as much as you can comfortably drink!! As long as you do not force yourself, you may drink away.

As a general guide, a beginner should start with one 8oz (or 250ml) glass a day and gradually increasing. Listen to your body and see if there is healing reactions that usually happen if you are new to healthy eating. Please read the important lessons first before you start.

When you do your own research on juicing, some sites will tell you to avoid fruit juices. In my opinion, it is fine to drink fruit juices in the morning for energy. Avoid juices in the evening as you don't want the sugar to stay "unused" due to inactivity in later part of the day. When done correctly, fruit juicing can give you a whole lot of benefits.

I have heard of a man with bowel cancer and could hardly eat anything. He went on a carrot juice diet for a year and ate almost nothing else. At the end of a year, his hospital report proved that he was absolutely free of the cancer!

While you are all excited about juices, please remember this: When you have no access to fresh juices, never ever opt for canned fruit juices. You might as well drink pure water than drinking canned fruit juices.

Commercially bottled or canned fruit juices are usually diluted with tap water and contain added sugar. They are not fresh and may have lost a large percentage of their potent nutrients. Most of these are packed with chemical additives and preservatives.

These chemical additives are not natural to your body and when consumed, are like foreign substances in your body which rob you of energy, affect your immune system defenses, and may even contribute to liver damage.

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