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Zakat; The Budget to Meet Public Requirements

The religion of Islam, in order for the common needs to be met, has foreseen a budget that is called zakat.

Zakat is one of the financial obligations, and acts of worship in Islam.

The Holy Prophet of Islam told us, "God, in reality, has placed the amount of the needs of the poor in the wealth of the rich, and if they paid it.

the needs of the common people would be removed.

If amongst the people you find someone starving or without clothes.

it is because the wealthy have not paid their obligatory dues."

On the Day of Judgment.

every person who doesn't give zakat from his wealth will have his account settled at the time of questioning and reckoning, and will be delivered to a painful punishment.

Imam Baqir (A.S.) tells us.

"A wealthy person who doesn't give zakat from his wealth is neither a mu'min nor a Muslim."

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