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Zakat Payable on Camel, Cow and Shep (including Goat)

1916. As regards payment of Zakat on camels, cow and sheep (including goats) there are two additional conditions also besides the other usual conditions:

(i) The animal should not have worked throughout the year. In case. however, it works for a day or two during the year, payment of Zakat on it is obligatory on the basis of precaution.

(ii) The animal grazes, the jungle grass throughout the year. In case. therefore, it eats, throughout the year or in a part of it, the grass which has been cut, or grazes in a field owned by its master or by someone else. Zakat is not payable on it. Payment of Zakat on it is. however, obligatory on the basis of precaution, if.during the year, it eats for one or two days the grass (or fodder) owned by its master.

1917. If a person purchases or obtains on lease for his camel, cow and sheep a pasturage which has not been cultivated by anyone, it is difficult that Zakat may become due on it, though it is better to pay Zakat. In case, however, he pays tax on grazing his animals there he should pay Zakat.

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