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Youth and the Responsibility of Good Manners and Morals

Being the fact that a youth has a bigger heart, pure nature and higher ability to change from negative to positive, the responsibility of good manners and morals is big and heavy on his shoulders. This is because of Allah's favor towards him.

He is responsible for propagating and spreading virutes. Honesty perfomed by everyone is good, but it will be more beter when it is done by a young man; being patient with others is good, but when it is done by a youth, it is a miracle. Humbleness from a youth is dignity; likewise, kindness is a flower for them. Chastity from them has its decoration; likewise, calmness from a youth that was upset, by some feeling, is good. Brotherhood between youths has its spiritual good and attraction. Their love for good is an indicator of goodness and, likewise, piety is an indicator of firm belief…the more a youth takes hold of morality, the more life will be good and sound.

Indeed, people look at young boys and girls who are well mannered with Islamic morals, with great respect and dignity. Mostly, they used to point at them saying: Look at his/her chastity, faith and righteousness.

And, as a young man, through his pure nature, hates injustice, cheating and many social and political appearances. Therefore, his responsibility comes from his feeling the necessity to establish right and revoke wrong. Therefore, among the moral responsibilities of a youth are: fighting sins and other evils like; lying, backbiting, hypocrisy, disrespecting parents, mockery, humiliating neighbors, pride, arrogance, treason and others. In addition of the fact that it is a religious responsibility, it is a social responsibility, too. A youth is worthier than others in honoring the elders and respecting the pre-generations even though there are differences of time and approaches. Thus, it is his/her responsibility to have a firm relation and discussion with them, as well as, respecting their experiences: "He is not among us who doesn't have mercy on smaller ones and respect the elders."

The responsibility of manners requires the youth not to be a block…

As youth, we can work collectively in order to put forward this responsibility, and also to work together with others in order to fight the dangerous evil manners that are decomposed in the social circle. We should be a model of refraining against the act of evil, talking to those who are practicing it in the best way; maybe they will fear Allah and change. Among the moral responsibilities that are important to the youth are fighting the view that the relationship between people must only be material. They have distorted the feeling of love for Allah's sake. Many a time they have destroyed the relationship that is based on tolerance, guidance and sacrifice; turning all these into a source of business. Among the descending views are: "If you have money, you are something, if not, you are nothing" or "Be like a wolf, and if not, you will be eaten by wolves" and "Make no drop of water fall if I die thirsty" can never be confronted unless by the determination of a youth who feels his social responsibility; who should work hard to correct and change the distorted image of the youth, step by step.

Adapted from the book: "Youth Aspiration Towards Responsibility" by: "Al Balagh Foundation"

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