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Youth and Responsibility of Science and Knowledge

Since the beginning of creation, science and knowledge were and will continue to be in man's fight against ignorance, unbelief and retardation. Indeed, the difference is gret between the one who knows and the one who doesn't know, the first is in lightness while the second is in total darkness. the first is strong and the second is weak…the first one is rich and the second is destitute. Science and knowledge are not just storing information and data, in Islam knowledge is a responsibility; "Whoever knows his knowledge will guide him toward action." Thus, we must work with our knowledge for the service of our society and the whole human race.

Science and knowledge are not just reading books only, rather they are contemplation, thinking and experiencing. This does not mean that we should forget about reading books and benefiting from its treasures. And, also, the responsibility of knowledge is protecting justice and working for its propagation among people. It is said: "The alms of knowledge is to teach he who doesn't know it." Do not fear its running out and its finishing. Knowledge is among the treasures that doesn't finish, rather it increases with giving; "Knowledge becomes purified with giving".

The responsibility of knowledge doesn't allow you to keep away your knowledge or hide it from those who are in need of it; this is more dangerous than the hoarding of food. This is because a knowledge gained from studies or through life experiences or by one's trial and hard works is a responsibility in front of Allah. Have you given it to one who is in need of it? Have you placed it on the way of destruction? Have you used it for the purpose of growth and development? Or did you place it inside a locked container? Indeed, knowledge is for all. Whoever deprives others from his own knowledge, Allah will take it away from him.

In this era that is called the "Era of Knowledge", we are in need of knowing many things derived from it. "Knowledge in its time cannot be defeated by supposition". We must connect the wheel of institution or university with the movement of the society, because life cannot go without these two good things. And we must learn the basis of scientific studies in different fields, because it is a legislative law that the Muslim community must have essential power and expertise to fulfill all their scientific needs.

It is also the responsibility of knowledge not to give up to the scientific challenges of the time. We should not see it as an end or an ultimate perfection, rather, as youths, we must work hard in order to invent and initiate something new. As other people have the intellect of thinking and inventing, likewise, we have our own intellect that can do the same. Other people's intellects are not made of gold and ours made from steel or their intellect is made from steel and ours from sand, the case is not like this, rather it can only be achieved through programming and thinking, as well as, questioning, seeking advice, competition and dialogue. And, likewise, we must teach ourselves to accept criticism and corrections from every angle.

Our scientific responsibility requires us to seek old and present knowledge (And say O my Lord! Advance me in knowledge) (Holy Qur'an: 20:114). Today the powerful is he who has much knowledge, and a powerful believer is he who has knowledge and works with it, and no doubt is better than the weak believer. Also, this responsibility requires us to refrain from scientific pride and arrogance, which prevents the increment of knowledge; "Conceit prevents increaset" and refraining from intellectual opulence. It is knowledge that neither harm the one who is ignorant of it, nor benefits the one who possesses it. And likewise overcoming intellectual contradiction between what is original and what is invented, between knowledge and action is very important. However, you must play your own role through the capability given to you by the Almighty Allah, even by adding only one block in building the Islamic civilization.

Adapted from the book: "Youth Aspiration Towards Responsibility" by: "Al Balagh Foundation"

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