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Youth and Financial Responsibility

By this we mean your responsibility, as a youth, in directing spending and consumption. Indeed, the material outlook has spread and become a wider phenomenon among our youth, boys and girls, to the extent that it makes them spend much on their unnecessary needs and, even sometimes, it may result into extravagancy.

No doubt giving much consideration to physical beauty is good, but having an exaggeration in it such as filling the drawers with so many clothes that one cannot wear, except once or twice and then, leaves it is something of no importance, instead we should spent on necessary things. The youth are responsible for exhorting others towards the 'Culture of Consumption' brought by the mass media based on people's feelings, but, it is necessary to warn people against becoming the victim of a company's advertisement which many time is out of reality.

Economical responsibility, also, requires the youth to take another look into being a tool of hard work till he finishes his studies. Making use of the summer holiday in doing other beneficial things helps a lot, both in experience and getting some money in paying some of their needs. It is a mistake to stay without doing any work till we graduate from the university, because the course we attend will help us in paving the way for us in doing better and getting much experience.

A group of youth with equal or one opinion can come together and require that a certain amount of money, as a loan in order to start a business even a small venture, will help them at the time of marriage or getting a house to start their new life.

And, likewise, they can require to use a certain plot of land in order to build a town or village for the purpose of living there or developing it, but the cost may come from certain people. Maybe it will be difficult due to other social problems, but with all these, there is the possibility that many locked doors might be opened through it, if not, all our request is meant at least some might be accepted. It has been said: "No right will be lost if it is requested," and that "Rights are taken and not given". The economical responsibility requires that a youth who has some wealth to help others, most especially his fellow youth, in solving their problems.

Adapted from the book: "Youth Aspiration Towards Responsibility" by:  "Al Balagh Foundation"

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