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Why Ashura most certainly belongs to all Muslims?

Why Ashura most certainly belongs to all Muslims?
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For these events are of the utmost importance for all Muslims today. Culminating in the murder and beheading of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S) and his companions, these tragic events remain even more tragically misunderstood and unappreciated by many Muslims.

Some Muslims tend to imagine that these events only ‘belong’ to them. Others often fail to see the crucial significance of these events. And one tiny section of the ’Ummah even defends the apostate Yazid who orchestrated this atrocity. Based on the accounts of recognised Muslim historians and sound Ahadith, this account establishes that these events remain crucial for all Muslims today.

The massacre of Karbala was much more than a criminal and terrible act; it also represents a conscious confrontation and a courageous resistance for a sacred cause — the preservation of true Islam. This massacre was the genesis of the present-day corrupt rulers that administer our Muslim lands on behalf of imperialism. These corrupt, pseudo-Muslim rulers have led the ’Ummah to global political and military defeat. This has rendered the entire ’Ummah submissive to kufr, placing it in great danger.

The year 61 AH has returned again; once again the Deen of Allah (SWT) is threatened by a new War on Islam. Imam Hussein’s (A) martyrdom created the conditions for the eventual victory of the ’Ummah against all kufr and tyranny, through the Islamic revival that his sacrifice engendered.

It is overdue for the Muslims everywhere to reclaim the true revolutionary essence of Ashura, marching once again in a single direction, in a single front, against Godless tyranny everywhere. In short, it is time to reclaim the heritage of Ashura. That is why Ashura most certainly belongs to all Muslims.

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