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Who was Victorious-Yazid or Husain?

ALTHOUGH THE HOSTS of the Devils numbered in thousands and the supporters of the cause of Truth for which the Holy Imam stood, could be counted on fingers, and the Holy Imam' his numbered devotees, was mercilessly massacred and the ladies' the queens of virtue and chastity along with the innocent children were taken captives and put to every disrespect, indignity and the bitterest tortures, but soon after the massacre, the world understood who was the Arch-Devil and who was the Divinely Chosen Guide for Humanity. Many people embraced Islam at the guidance they received from the severed head of Husain when they saw it glorifying the Lord even from the point of the lance during the torturous journey to Kufa and from Kufa to Damascus. The realization of the Truth, the World exhibited after the martyrdom of the Holy Imam, made even the Devil acknowledge the virtual, spiritual Victory of the Holy Imam.

Identifying oneself as the admirer of Yazid is far beyond any possibility when there is none today who would even like the idea of taking the Devil's name in connection with any goodness save those who would like to associate themselves with the Brute in the lincentious performances enacted. Whereas ever since the martyrdom of Husain, the act of admiring and appreciating the Holy Imam and his devotees is enjoined as a duty of every true believer in God and the sincere lover of Truth, deeming it with a conviction that admiration of the Great Sacrifice and feeling for the sorrowful plight of the Holy Imam and his godly devotees carries special blessing in this world, and with high spiritual honours and great rewards 1n the life hereafter.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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