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When Should I Start Gaining Weight During Pregnancy?

When it comes to pregnancy pounds, timing matters.

Chances are, weight gain during the first three months will be minimal -- and should be, according to the IOM guidelines.

You don't need any extra calories during the first trimester; although the baby's growth is rapid, he is so small that his development doesn't warrant additional energy. However, you may add some pounds to your frame during the first three months because you're hungrier or because of fluid retention. Some women even lose weight because they don't feel well enough to eat their usual diet.

Once the second trimester starts, and the baby's growth begins in earnest, gaining weight on a steady basis is a must. Plan on putting on about a pound each week with a prepregnancy BMI of 24.9 and below, and about a half pound a week if you had a prepregnancy BMI of 24.9 and above.

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