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What would be Al-Mahdi's (as) main task in the world when he reappears?

I think that Al-Mahdi's (as) first essential task will be to strengthen makind's faith and hope by establishing a just global society, after most poepl have lost hope. A higher intelligence is quite necessary at this stage, because it will enable man to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. Mankind, for example, will be able to see that things are hopeless yet still be determined to make them otherwise.

Al-Mahdi's (as) next major assignment would be to purify the world from evil and satanic practices and establish the Kingdom of God. This would involve an immense amount of struggle and effort. According to the narrated Shi'ah ahadeeth, this program of armed combat will continue until the total annihilation of oppressive governments.263 He will be aided by combatants and by the fear that God creates in the enemy's heart. As a result, he will not turn to any land without hoisting the banner of Islam on its soil.264 In this way he will conquest the East and the West.265 Under his leadership of the global Islamic society human beings will be able to attain the highest mental development,266 and acquire the highest level of knowledge and insight.267 The most perfect moral values will rule the world,268 and under their auspices, unity and purity will be established among human beings.269 He will abolish all class difference, so that everyone will have the possibility of activity and progress.270 The world will enjoy such a degree of wealth and prosperity that people will have no need to seeking profit in their dealings, and will consider such an action as undesirable as usury.

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Adapted from the book: "The Awaited Saviour; Questions and Answers"

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