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What successful women have to say?

It is amazing the way things changed overnight when I started on with Hijab. I can feel the extra respect coming my way. People take me more seriously; friends at college think it looks very neat and smart, and I feel protected and confident when I step out. Dr. Mrs. N.Z.Vakil (Medical Student)

The most important thing about Hijab is that it gives you an identity of a Muslim. Moreover, it is another way of obedience to Allah's (s.w.t.) command. People often gives me due respect which I would have not got without a Hijab. Travelling among men has become easy for me as it makes me feel safe and protected. It also gives me a lot of confidence and last but not the least this has brought me one step closer to Allah (s.w.t.). Therefore, I consider Hijab as a blessing from Allah (s.w.t.) and I thank him for His blessing. Reshma Qazi (Arts Student)

The Angel of Death, Azrael (A.S.) said "Obedience to Allah's (s.w.t.) Commandments is better than compassion to the earth". Initially I felt I would be looked down upon in society, but after wearing Hijab, I realized that people do not give you as much importance as you feel they should. The nearness, which I felt to Allah (s.w.t) by obeying His commandment, is beyond expression. Moreover wearing Hijab has created an aura of respectability in my environment and has enabled me to remember Allah (s.w.t.) more often. Mrs. S.A. Vakil (House Wife)

I feel that at present when demoralisation is increasing in the society, every woman should wear Hijab, It is the only thing which protects a woman and makes her feel secured. Shenaz. F. Raj (College Student)

In the modern society of today, a woman has always been looked upon as just another sexual object for the men. Why should one display one's beauty for unwanted eyes to feast upon? The Hijab protects a woman's honor and doesn't arouse unwanted passion from the opposite sex. I feel if the women were to universally adopt the Islamic code of dressing, the rate of incidences of eves teasing, molestation, rape, etc. would be negligible. Wearing the Hijab gives me more confidence in myself as a woman and it doesn't obstruct me in any way in my profession. Mrs. Salva I. Rasool (Graphic Designer)


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