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What is Pride?

Adopted from the book : "Pride" by : "Mujahidali A.R. Sheriff"

Kibr means pride - considering oneself better and superior than others. It is the source of many evils and is known to be the main cause of hatred and disunity in society. It is also a major sin. Following are the verses from the Holy Qur’an and narrations from Ma’soomeen (a.s.) in which the proud ones have been condemned.

From the Holy Qur'an

1 : "And on the day of resurrection you shall see those who lied against Allah; their faces shall be blackened. Is there not in hell an abode for the proud? (Az-Zumar/60)

2 : "It shall be said : Enter the gates of Hell to abide therein; so evil is the abode of the proud." (Az-Zumar/72)

3 : "Thus does Allah set a seal over the heart of every proud, haughty one." (Al-Momin/35)

From the Narrations :

Imam Jaffer as Sadiq (a.s.) has said : "Indeed in Hell there is a valley for the proud known as SAQAR. It complained to Almighty Allah of the intense heat within it and sought permission from Him to breath out. (On being granted ) it breathed and therefore burnt Hell itself" (Al Kafi)

It is also reported from the same Imam (a.s.) : Indeed the proud (on the day of resurrection) will be turned into accounting (others)." (Al-Kaafi)

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