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What if I have a High BMI from Muscle?

What do doctors do if someone has a high BMI because of muscle?

- Kieran

BMI (short for body mass index) is a tool that's used to decide if someone might have a weight problem.

BMI can get a bit complicated in the teen years because of all the growing and developing going on then. So your doctor probably won't rely on your BMI alone to figure out if you're a healthy weight. He or she will also consider:

  • where you fall on a growth chart
  • your medical history, including family history
  • your eating habits
  • how much and what kind of exercise you do
  • how much muscle you have

If your BMI is high, your doctor will decide if it's a cause for concern based on all this other information.

If you're fit and your BMI is high because of muscle, your doctor can reassure you that your weight is OK. No matter what your weight or BMI, your doctor will probably talk to you about healthy lifestyle habits.

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